About Us

We want to transform education for the 21st century. We know you do as well. No-one can do it alone – which is why we created Edspace.


We are building a dynamic community of like-minded innovators who are committed to not just revolutionising education, but also sharing their knowledge, ideas, and contacts with each other. Our commitment to you is to make sure our members have access to the infrastructure, knowledge, and contacts they need to scale up their education business successfully and rapidly.

Since 2014, we have provided a physical hub and community for hundreds of people who care deeply about education. Our members include non-profits helping children get into better schools, fast-growing education technology startups, fledgling schools and universities, edtech investors, and more. Our events bring together entrepreneurs, school and university leaders, senior government officials, and NGOs united by their desire to improve education.

We founded Edspace because we know that we can’t do it alone and want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with others like us, so we can help them grow and scale.


Our Hoxton HQ

Edspace is based in Hoxton, near Old Street, at the Hackney campus of New City College, one of the largest further education institutions in the UK. In 1990s, schools in Hackney were some of the worst in the UK. Today, Hackney is one of the top-performing education authorities nationally and an example of best practice. This change followed an unprecedented decision, at the time, to create a partnership between the public and private sectors – the non-profit Hackney Learning Trust.

By bringing together like-minded people motivated by the public good and giving them the opportunity to innovate, HLT has improve the life chances of everyone in the borough. This is why we are proud that our HQ is here in Hackney – its story represents what we want to achieve through Edspace.