The best of Bett

Bett 2016. Wowzer that building is big!

The Edspace team were out and about meeting and discovering… Here are some of the highlights:

Great to see Edspace members TeachPitch and Gojimo with their own stands (Gojimo George in Gojimo orange shoes on a panel talk, and TeachPitch Aldo with his own film crew for the day, keeping it rockstar guys.)

And previous Emerge accelerator members Pi-Top and their bright green make-your-own laptops; Diagnostic Questions assessment platform; the DoodleMaths app; and BridgeU connecting international students and universities.

Jo Boaler did a fascinating talk on the power of confidence plus a growth mindset to build maths capability - more at YouCubed

Plus some of the amazing ventures we spoke to...

now>press>play - fusing technology, drama and sound with their neon pink headsets (true story, I used to live next door and heard them rehearsing in the garden!)

Alphabet Babies - early years literacy, cute animal avatars (and a new Yak coaster for my Edspace desk)

ParentHub - boosting parental engagement in the classroom

Technology Will Save Us - electro dough anyone?!

OhBot - talking heads

CV+ - creating smart online portfolios for young people

Brix - breaking down maths

Braingo - like bingo but brainier

Mathscraft - multiplayer maths games

Learnerverse - helping map career paths

Edukey - helping manage classrooms

Sparkjar - making iPads easier to use in schools (and joining Edspace from Brighton on the seaside package ;)

Pobble - inspiring literacy through story sharing

Ada - the computer for digital learning (Kickstarting soon!)

Phew! And that wasn't even everyone we met!

Looking forward to next year. Next time let's pitch the tent nearer the main stage. No wait, that's Glastonbury...

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