Social Movies Film School

“Spielberg learned how to make movies by using Super 8. The new generation's Super 8 is a smartphone and this generation’s young Spielberg is somewhere with a phone in their hand waiting to be inspired.” – Bola Agbaje

Social Movies Film School is a brand new and innovative short training opportunity created by two key course leaders - the award-winning writer Bola Agbaje and renowned social media filmmaker Tom Moutchi.

Social Movies Film School is the application of professional industry skills, structures and processes to low-cost social media based filmmaking.
Using film industry professionals to train, guide and pass on their skills and techniques, Social Movies Film School will create a recognised new entry point into the film industry for young creatives, particularly those who are frequently excluded or under-represented.
It will provide entry-level intensive training on all key aspects of filmmaking so that students can discover, through practical social film production, which area of the industry offers the best career option for them and help propel them to the next stage.
A key aim of the social movies training programme will the creation of a new entry point for young people into the film industry. And due to the low-cost, fast-turnaround nature of social movies this will help stimulate a new generation of talent to combine the use the resources already available to them with professional filmmaking processes to further develop this new short-form film format.