Introducing...Ian Valentine from Glitnir Law

NAME - Ian Valentine

WHAT IS YOUR COMPANY / PROJECT? - Glitnir Law - a sole-practitioner law firm specialising in the higher education sector, both privately funded providers and students. 

WHY WAS IT SET UP? - I had worked for 2 years as a paralegal in a law firm whose main client was a privately owned college, and 3 years working in-house in the same college. I realised that with increasing regulation of the higher education sector by the government, especially since the mass closure of international student sponsor colleges in February 2014 following the ETS English language test cheating scandal, there was a real need for such higher education providers to be able to obtain quality legal advice from someone who understood the particular needs of their industry. 

WHAT IS THE BIGGEST THING YOU HAVE LEARNT ALONG THE WAY? - That, as with doctors and dentists, most people don't realise they need legal services until its too late and they are in already in trouble! 

WHERE DO YOU WANT TO TAKE YOUR COMPANY / PROJECT NEXT? - To add at least two more private education providers to my client list, and possibly expand into the further education sector also. By 2018 I aim to have my firm authorised by CILEx to independently practise litigation at all levels of the civil courts, so that I can offer an efficient and consistent start-to-finish service to my clients.

HOW CAN PEOPLE GET INVOLVED? - From January 2017 I aim to run monthly "clinic" presentations and workshops at Edspace on legal topics of interest to higher education providers, students, and companies supporting the higher education sector. These will include for example consumer T&Cs for education providers, copyright 101, etc. 

WHY DID YOU JOIN EDSPACE? - To be part of a community similarly focused on supporting the education sector, and have flexible office space surrounded by established and exciting new businesses who I can both assist with my services and learn from about the education sector generally. 

WHAT CAN YOU TEACH? (ANYTHING YOU ARE SKILLED AT OR PASSIONATE ABOUT) - Teaching: see answer to How Can People Get Involved? 
- Skilled/Passionate about: Not skilled enough teach any of these, but am passionate about swing-dancing, and historical fencing. 


TWITTER - @glitnir_law

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