Betahaus: Edspace goes international

It seems like the only way is up for trailblazing startups like Edspace, whose recent partnership with European co-working giant betahaus gives members exclusive access to shared workspace facilities around the continent.

Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona, and Sofia are cities on the forefront of the tech startup revolution, with Hamburg’s IT sector generating $4.5 billion in revenue every year, and Barcelona experiencing some of the biggest investment rounds its amateur founders have ever seen. Even Sofia, long considered to be nothing more than an underdeveloped relic of its Communist past, is drawing in high numbers of overseas talent thanks to low living costs and an even lower corporate tax rate.

If there’s ever been a cutting edge collaboration model with the potential to make real impact, workspace providers like betahaus and Edspace are certainly making the most out the concept. Talks, events, and topical workshops are just some of the benefits enjoyed by members, giving those within the community a chance to connect and forge invaluable relationships with like-minded innovators. 

Edspace itself has built upon the success of predecessors like betahaus by specialising in one of the most high-impact fields of the current venture climate; education. With over 50 different active member companies, the Hoxton-based workspace project seems to have made the right choice in setting up shop in the creative heart of London’s East End, offering a range of in-house benefits such as discounted access to gyms, technical suites, and childcare facilities.

Perhaps realising the abundance of enthusiastic movers and shakers in this corner of the city, Business and Community Director Laura Billings is feeling ambitious about the coming year:

“Desks are really filling up, it’s amazing. We’ve had a lot of interest from clients big and small, to the point that I think we’re going to have to find some extra space!”

2017 will see the launch of the company’s trademark 1 Mile Collective, which hopes to connect members to relevant institutions and educators within the local area, creating the perfect testing ground for products, concepts, and pioneering studies. As well as celebrating the end of an extremely successful year with its annual members-only Christmas social, Edspace and its band of fearless entrepreneurs are already looking eagerly to the future.

Laura BillingsComment