23 Code Street - on a mission to empower women

23 Code Street is a venture started by Anisah Osman Britton, bourne from her own experiences of the lack of diversity in the tech sector.

23 Code Street creates development courses for women. Diversity increases innovation and success and women's code was recently deemed better on average-  it's time for the tech world to catch up with the facts!
The stereotype of what a developer looks like must change. The courses at 23 Code Street are inclusive, supportive and start at the beginning to give a solid grounding and understanding of best practice.

For every paying student, they teach an underprivileged woman in India how to code and give her the experience and opportunity to create change, to be independent and to find work. It's not just about code- which is why they are partnering with some incredible organisations in India to make this happen. 

The first course starts 16 June at Fish Island Labs. It's an evening course that runs two nights a week for 12 weeks (With an optional two week internship at the end). 


Laura BillingsComment