Introducing...Bruce, Kathryn and Ben from Matific

NAME  Bruce Seymour, Ben Sutcliff and Kathryn Scannell

WHAT IS YOUR COMPANY / PROJECT?  Matific was founded 2012 by recognised leaders in the fields of technology and mathematics to make problem based, visual maths games for primary school children.

WHY WAS IT SET UP?  Our founders share a desire to ensure children from years Reception to 6 receive the highest quality mathematical education the world over.

WHAT IS THE BIGGEST THING YOU HAVE LEARNT ALONG THE WAY?  I have been with Matific since 2014 when we launched the UK product.  The biggest thing I have learnt is the need to try lots of different approaches, assess regularly and pick up the bits that work.  We are still working this out!

WHERE DO YOU WANT TO TAKE YOUR COMPANY / PROJECT NEXT?  We have a base of loyal school users and we are see pleasing usage stats on a daily basis.  But we have recently monetised our business model so the pressure is in generating paid licences.  A steady stream of renewable school licences is where we want to take things next.

HOW CAN PEOPLE GET INVOLVED?  For teachers, sign up for the trial and if you like it, speak to us about a school licence.  For anyone not involved with a school, give us feedback!

WHY DID YOU JOIN EDSPACE?  For the opportunity to share ideas, work with our core market and establish relationships with other companies trying to succeed in the ed tech scene.

WHAT CAN YOU TEACH? (ANYTHING YOU ARE SKILLED AT OR PASSIONATE ABOUT)  Understanding the sales process and post-sale how to support a school in using ed tech are the key areas where we have had the most exposure over the last few years, so that would be a good place to start.  On a personal level, I can also tell you how NOT to train a dog to walk on the lead!



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