Edspace in Pioneers Post top 5 co-working spaces with a social conscience

Co-working spaces are on trend, with at least 10,000 new premises expected to open around the world by the end of the year. With so much choice, how should you decide where to locate?

Many co-­working spaces are generalist,­ bringing together people from many different professions into the same space. The benefit of this is that diversity is key to innovation. Tests show that diverse teams produce more creative results than teams in which all members are from a similar background.

But at the same time, there are distinct advantages to being in a sectorial cluster, such as a tech, health, education or social impact. Members can draw on each other’s experiences, knowledge and networks; and share solutions tailored to a specific field. Emergent opportunities arise from investors, researchers or policy leaders and the curious, seeking access to a sector specific field and wanting to find a wealth of connections in one place.

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Laura BillingsComment