Enrol Yourself - re-designing life long learning

Enrol Yourself is an initiative started by Zahra Davidson and Roxana Bacian in response to their own need; deep and continual creative development alongside professional practice, without institutions or hefty price tags.

If you can challenge your physical endurance in the name of a good cause, then you can do the same with your creative capacities. Enrol Yourself asks that you set out on a ‘learning marathon’, designing your own curriculum, setting goals, and crowd-sourcing the structure and support you need to make it happen. The aim is to grow a group of proactive learners to prototype a model for lifelong learning over the course of a year.

They’re looking for potential participants, supporters, collaborators, as well as being interested to chat to any peers also developing learning products, services or initiatives.

You can get in touch via their website, and follow them on twitter @EnrolYourself