Edtech leaders from around Europe visit Edspace

The London EdTech Field Trip is an opportunity for EdTechXEurope attendees to see technology in action by visiting leading education organisations and education technology companies in London. From coding workshops to seminars focused on gaming and playful learning the aim of the trips are to connect delegates to global leaders in the field. 

Emerge Education hosted: Accelerating the growth of edtech startups that will radically improve the way we educate and learn

With talks from Emerge cohort 

Jesse Lozano: Pitop 

Diego Olcese: Crehana 

Mads Holmen: Bibblio 

Jen Lexmond: EasyPeasy 

Ernest Jenavs: Edurio 

And Edspace - explaining what we are doing to build Europe's unique education hub. 

Laura BillingsComment