Tips to build a successful edtech company

Innovation in education is rooted in technology as well as strategy and implementation.

Its success depends on the substantial improvement of educational outcomes. It goes without saying that technology is transforming the way that classes are being taught and how students are learning both inside and outside of the classroom. To bring this increasingly urgent subject to light, the staff at Edspace asked six accomplished entrepreneurs in the field of education innovation to give their viewpoints on what it takes to build a successful edtech company.

Alice Lacey is the award winning CEO and co-founder of now>press>play, a social enterprise that is dedicated to improving access to learning “for all children by providing schools with affordable educational resources that bring the curriculum to life through sound, story and movement.” According to her, “There is no silver bullet for selling into education. Selling to schools is really hard work but on the upside it’s not complicated. It’s just a matter of plugging away and harnessing word of mouth as much as you can.”

Edward Fidoe, director of KP Fox, an education and strategy company that works with startups and clients that have a focus on innovation in education, made three suggestions...

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