Edspace sponsors The Edtech Podcast

This week, Edspace sponsors The Edtech Podcast. Featured on iTunes new and noteworthy and now downloaded in 58 countries, The Edtech Podcast gets behind the personalities in global education technology.

Podcast listeners can get 1/3 off their first month's membership of Edspace using the code PODCAST.

This week's episode features ICT Evangelist (Mark Anderson), a former assistant head teacher responsible for e-learning, and award-winning blogger and speaker. Mark is very well known among the Edtech scene. Among this bumper issue; 

  • What should EdTech consider when designing new tools/services for educators? 
  • What does it mean to be a modern educator?
  • Where does ICT Evangelist get his stamina from? 
  • Top 3 books, top 3 apps and top 3 issues for educators. 
  • A window into alter-ego DJ Mark Anderson. 
  • How to share children’s work in an authentic way to raise standards 
  • How should education and tech evolve to better meet the needs of students? 
  • A word from zzish.co and edspace.io
  • How Mark went from Teachmeet flop to Teachmeet organiser of 30 > 300 & 
  • How TPACK applies tech to the Pedagogy Content Knowledge Model...

The Edtech Podcast is available on iTunes, Libsyn, Soundcloud, PocketCast, Stitcher and other podcasting sites. Follow @podcastedtech on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Comments or questions to theedtechpodcast@gmail.com

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