Why Edspace is a Great Place - by Morgan Lindsay

Morgan Lindsay is interning at Edspace for 8 weeks, over from the USA where she is studying Journalism. Here she reports on Edspace Hoxton turning 1 and the collaborative nature of a workspace with a shared mission:

Edspace Hoxton, an innovation hub for startups and a coworking education space, turned 1-year-old this summer!

To celebrate its anniversary of being based in Hoxton, the Edspace team thought it would be nice to hold a small celebration and to hear members’ feedback about their time here in order to reflect on what it is that makes Edspace a great place! The day brought to light just how positively Edspace has affected others.

Edspace, located on the Hackney Community College Campus, has a different atmosphere than most would presumably associate with a location where work gets done. As a coworking space, Edspace has established a relaxed and open-minded community environment where all members are able to progress within a network of people working towards a common goal.

 “You have access to peer support and are more aware of different opportunities”, says Alice Lacey, an Edspace member and the CEO and co-founder of Now Press Play.

Although everyone’s interests vary, members are driven by their passion to transform education. This is made evident by any sort of dialogue between members, whether it’s a conversation over lunch at a picnic table on campus, or a quick catch up in the Edspace kitchen. The comfort level within Edspace exists solely because individuals of different companies genuinely want to see each other succeed.

Having a supportive system of people who understand how hard it is to market to schools is comforting, as well as helpful, because a portion of the people you are surrounded by have already done so successfully. This type of setting calls to those who seek to further develop not only their edtech company, but beneficial friendships and relationships as well. 

“It’s definitely really great for YesFutures to be able to learn from other organizations that are here. It’s been really great to be a part of the community because of the extra events and we’ve been able to go to some really helpful training sessions. You’re a team within a bigger team”, says CEO of YesFutures, Sarah Wallbank.

On a given day, you will bear witness to a playfulness that defuses stress and allows people to work efficiently. The ease with which everyone in the space interacts with one another creates the feeling of a home away from home. An interesting aspect that comes from being a part of any coworking space is that although you get to become familiar with a lot of other people, you get to meet new people all the time as well. 

“Over the past year, you guys have transformed Edspace. It is always a positive place to work”, says Iona Loveridge, the Operations Manager for Emerge Education.

Edspace enables its members to reap the benefits of being part of a coworking space by providing ample opportunities for members to meet and network. A member breakfast is held every Thursday and provides the opportunity to meet and converse with new people. If you are not a member and are interested in becoming one, or even if you’re just curious, you can attend the Thursday breakfast, interact with the space, meet members and work from Edspace for a half day for free.

Experience for yourself why Edspace is a great place! 


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