Revision World – helping the UK’s GCSE and A-level students

Revision World’s David and Keith Clifford caught up with Edspace to talk about their company.

What is Revision World? was launched in 2007 and has gone on to become the UK’s largest group of free GCSE and A-level revision websites with a portfolio which includes Revision Maths, Revision Science and Revision Videos. We believe that education resources should be freely available to all students. We are an online publisher who are funded by online and email advertising.

How did you become involved with Revision World?

David explains “I started selling advertising on the website in 2012, then in Autumn of 2014 I was hosting a corporate event which was also attended by company’s founder Paul Heming, at the end of the event we ended up in a pub and after a beer or two I asked him if he was prepared to sell the company. I brought Keith in as his background was Marketing and content and after a bit of negotiating with Paul we ended up owning the business”.

How difficult is it to work together as brothers?

“As identical twins we are very similar in many ways, although we had come from different career backgrounds” Keith explains, “David’s background is primarily advertising sales and sales management, whereas I’ve come from working in Marketing and events including  running BETT  and The Education Show so our skills complement each other well”.

Why did you join Edspace?

We wanted the chance to connect and collaborate with other education companies. We are also creating a new brand for our portfolio so the opportunity to learn from others and be inspired was also a real pull for us.

What can you teach?

Well David can help anyone with advertising sales and Keith knows a lot about the BETT and Education shows!

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