Enroly closes another round of investment!

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We sat down with Jeffrey Williams, Founder and CEO of Enroly, as the EdTech startup closes a £250,000 investment round.


1. What is Enroly? What services or support do you offer?

Enroly is an interface platform, built to solve inefficiencies in the international higher education recruitment market. It sits between universities, students and education agents as an independent layer and connects students with admission and visa support in their home country. These students are matched with an education agent in our network that best suits their needs.


2. Do you have ties with any specific universities, colleges or other organisations?

Enroly is institution agnostic in that we do not try to influence a student’s decision on where to study. We do however have official partnerships with a number of universities. These institutions value our transparent and quality-assured approach to student recruitment.


3. How would potential clients hear about your service?

We are currently running a very limited pilot with the University of Greenwich and University of Strathclyde so clients only hear about us through that. The pilot universities promote our platform to their international students. They have about 5000 international students each, which is a huge opportunity to get our product out.  

We’ve discovered that the best way to get through to future students is through current students as they mix in similar socioeconomic circles and are at a stage in life where they may be looking to study abroad. Typically, in this industry when universities try to attract students, for every 300 people who enquire, typically there would be one who goes on to enrol whereas through our platform, for every 3 leads, we get one student enrolling

Our platform allows current students to refer a friend or family member in their home country planning to study abroad. If the person they refer goes on to enrol, both the student and their friend receive a £110 prepaid mastercard as a token gesture to say thank you.


4. How do you find members of your network?

Our education agent network is a group of proven industry veterans that we know and trust, having spent 10 years in the industry.


5. What is the inspiration behind Enroly?

The international education market is highly fragmented and as a result great agents and students often have trouble finding one another. This problem leads to a poor academic outcomes for students and presents a sizeable resource drag on the industry. We came up with this solution to overcome the problem.


6.How big is your team?

There’s just three of us at the moment but we are looking to grow soon.


7.Did you get funding for your business?

Yes, we came through the Emerge Accelerator. They made an initial investment that got us through the MVP stage, which is when a tech start-up builds a minimum viable product to test out their model before investing time and money in it.

Following a pitch to 130 prospective investors at Emerge Education’s demo day on the 30th of November, we’ve been meeting with investors. We are fortunate enough to have a lead investor with Charlotte Street Capital and a selection of experienced angels from the U.K and Australia.


8.How much funding did you get from the latest investment?

We are now closing our second round of investment having reached our £250,000 goal. This support will allow us to step up to the next stage.


9. Is your service completely free for users?

Yes, it is.


10. Why do you provide it for free?

The efficiencies we create in the industry mean our network members are able to fund the platform. Our goal will always be to provide the best enrolment experience to students- simple, safe and free.


11. Is this offered to students in literally any country in the world?

Yes, any student from anywhere in the world. In the rare case that we can’t help the student ourselves, we will typically try to find an alternative solution.


12.What sort of courses are you helping students with?

At the moment, we help with university courses but we will be looking at other options such as english language courses in future.


13.Would you recommend the program, especially for startups looking for funding?

Absolutely, it is an accelerator by definition. It takes you very quickly through valuable learnings and processes and gives you access to professionals, knowledge and networks in key areas. You will emerge from the program equipped with everything you need to succeed when starting a company so I highly recommend it.


14.Why did you choose to work at edspace?

Yes, Edspace is great. There’s a whole host of complementary companies here. It’s really well connected to the edtech scene specifically so it’s a great opportunity to network and meet other founders of companies in the industry.


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