MastersAvenue launches new graduate platform

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The number of students studying for a masters degree today is at an all-time high: 20 million people globally are currently attending graduate schools according to the OECD. The rapidly increasing number of masters courses however, is making it hard for students to make the right decision as too much choice can be overwhelming and cloud a person’s judgement.

In order to help prospective students navigate the complex masters courses on offer, MastersAvenue recently launched their new global platform.  The site helps search through a multitude of courses and colleges and develop a shortlist of options that best matches the student’s needs.

Its smart rating system allows comparisons between almost 40,000 courses from over 1,000 universities around the world. A special feature of the platform is the option to compare all courses based on three criteria: i) University Rating ii) Course Rating and iii) Value for Money. The ‘Value for Money’ criterion is based on a unique algorithm that takes a number of independent internal and external sources into account, like the position of the university in internationally leading rankings,the courses on offer and the course fees.

Another resource offered on the platform is the MastersAvenue’s completely free Global Degree and Career Survey (GDCS) ©. The MastersAvenue team has analysed the career paths of 7.5 million graduates and created one of the largest career surveys in the world. With just two clicks users can see what they need to study for their dream career as well as what career path they can follow with their masters degree.

Founder and CEO of MastersAvenue, Dr. Daniel Baade, an academic himself, felt that there was little guidance for those interested in pursuing postgraduate study. Following discussions with universities, he also understood that while students going into undergraduate study usually focus on the social aspects of the experience, postgraduate degree students are more interested in the career aspects of their degrees. The level of interest in postgraduate study coupled with the lack of guidance led Daniel to believe that he could make the most difference in this market, offering students a one-stop platform to find their ideal masters degree from top universities around the world.

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