Edspace -Best Co-working space in Pune

How Coworking Space works in Pune

Why has Pune become such a cultural centre? Pune has been the preferred business destination for over 100 years. Many luminaries in India’s automotive and machinery industry want to build their base there. It is one of the leading hubs in the IT industry. Since business is power, the number of business hubs in Pune is no surprise today. If the business model is something to go through, contributing as a concept has gained popularity. Pune’s demand for rented office space is on the rise at the expense of the growing business community.

Importance of Allied Sector in Pune

Is its start-up still in development and not yet a permanent place? Don’t worry, as you can now reserve shared office space as part of the concept of shared space in Pune. Are you a freelancer who has to book a meeting room at the last minute? Don’t get angry, because there are meeting rooms that can be booked right now. If you have started a small business and only a few people are at work, it is an excellent option to book a premium cabin in office space rented by Edspace Pune.

Why choose Edspace as a workspace?

Edspace is one of the leading collaborative office space organizations in India. Pune is a collaboration area to develop a collaboration environment for technology-backed and budgetary business and self-employed centres. The aim was to launch the ‘Sharing Economy’ business model. Here you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all walks of life, sit in your adjustable or fixed seat and drink hot pipe drinks from a fully equipped pantry.

There are several Edspace centres available to work in the room in Pune. A virtual office will help you design a professional image for your business without reserving an actual office space in Pune. You can get communication and address without a set office space. This also means that when booking a companion room in Pune, you can use both free meeting room credits and unrestricted access to all Edspace centres.

Edspace has an extensive network and is represented in 3 cities, and has 09 centres across the country. This has helped in transforming the structure of the company in India.

Traditional offices do not fully meet the needs of ambitious workers, especially the millennium. Today’s employees need office experience with the latest technology to meet their needs.

Flexible office space prioritizes attracting the right talent, increasing employee productivity and reducing employee attractiveness. Make you a genuinely inspiring office experience by lowering age technology and working effectively with premium hosting.

With four strategic joint workspaces in Pune, Edspace skills create shared workspaces created by Dorjee that fit your brand aesthetics and determine your brand policy.

Our shared work area in Pune is equipped with an entertainment area and gym facilities. Edspace curators designed to provide an excellent work-life balance and ensure your team delivers the best efficiency.


Business Address: Get an address in Pune for your business

Mail Handling & Forwarding: Letters and Couriers Received

Local Fixed Number: Local Number with Custom Greeting

Live Reception Support: Our female staff responded to your call and transfer to you

Company Registration: Download your company registry in Pune

Access to the Meeting Room: Get access to our meeting room at a high discounted price.

Plans and Pricing Edspace Co-Working in Pune


  • ₹350 / WEEK
     500 if paid annually Pune Address 
  •  Postage & Courier Handling* 
  •  Company Registration* 
  •  1 Week Trial 


  • ₹1700 / MONTH
     2000 if paid annually Pune Address  
  • Postage & Courier Handling*
  •  Pune Landline Number  
  •  Pune Fax Number  
  •  Company Registration*  
  •  1 Week Free Trial  


  • ₹2200 / MONTH
     2600 if paid annually Pune Address 
  •  Postage & Courier Handling* 
  •  Pune Landline Number 
  •  Live Reception Support  
  • Pune Fax Number 
  •  Cheque depositing 
  •  Company Registration* 
  •  1 Week Free Trial