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Innovate Your Classroom - primary showcase

Discover the most exciting tools to help you engage students, inspire learning, manage your class - and make your life easier! 

Tickets are FREE
Edspace, Block D, Hackney Community College, Falkirk Street N1 6HQ

Edspace is welcoming primary school teachers and leaders to meet our most exciting and innovative ventures. Join us for a relaxed evening, meet and talk with company founders and enjoy some fantastic food and wine!

Ventures you will get to meet:

Matific - primary maths platform with visual, interactive problem solving activities.

Now Press Play - immersive audio resource that brings the curriculum to life.

EasyPeasy - a mobile app for parents, and automated reporting for schools, reducing the gap in school readiness.

Mind Moose - pupils learn how to look after their mind, build resilience, have positive relationships and flourish.

Yes Futures - helping all young people be confident, resilient and lead fulfilling lives.

Wonde - simplify the way in which school data is accessed by third party applications.

Doodle Maths - maths app improves ability and confidence within 30 days.

A Tale Unfolds - improves literacy skills by empowering pupils to work with purpose using tablets.

Pi-top - affordable, education focused computers, for any teacher to deliver STEAM subjects.

Primo - creators of Cubetto, a wooden robot powered by a programming you can touch.

Edurio - helps schools manage and analyse feedback from students, parents and teachers.

Provision Tracker - identify, allocate, track and report the cost and impact of provisions and resources.