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Start-Up Sales Bootcamp: 7 steps to selling without being salesy

StartUp Sales Bootcamp: 7 steps to sell without being salesy

If selling feels like pulling teeth without laughing gas then this workshop is for you. 

After this workshop you will know how to approach customers and get them to buy from you without being that typically pushy sales person.

Your takeaways:

  •  Successfully communicate your value leaving people wanting more

  •  What makes customers buy so you can successfully sell to them

  •  Avoid the biggest mistakes that kill sales

  •  How to close without crumbling

What people have said about the workshop

•  I was nervous and worried about selling, but now I believe I can do it.

•  Inspiring and lightbulb moment! 

•  Her approach to sales was a breath of fresh air

•  I’m very reserved about selling, due to the perceived personality traits needed (which I don’t have!). Anis’ session changed my opinion.

About the speaker

When Anis started in sales over 19 years ago, she had zero communication skills - she was shy, introverted, and by far the quietest salesperson on the team. When quarter-end rolled around, bosses would complain that Anis didn't care because, unlike her colleagues, she wasn't stressed or urgent about closing. Instead, she let her results speak - nicknamed 'rate-card queen', the quiet girl mysteriously would bring in the highest rates and new business. 

Anis went from a cold-calling classified sales rep - selling sketchy ads at the back of magazines - to generating millions in revenue across 20 countries in 5 continents, serving multinational tech companies, NGOs, investment bankers, and government officials. Her success took her to the World Economic Forum in Davos, hosting events for heads of state and rubbing shoulders with titans of business, and the annual IMF meetings, mixing with world's leading financiers and policymakers. She achieved sales success by being herself, not becoming a brash, aggressive salesperson. 

After working in her own startup and several others, Anis realised her passion and purpose: to help others succeed. Through Mindful Sales Training, she empowers entrepreneurs through her mindful sales principles; Anis helps startup and small business leaders achieve the clarity and confidence to sell, allowing them to pursue their passion, generate revenue and grow their business. She also serves as a business sales mentor for the U.K. government initiative, StartUp Direct, and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. She is author of Grow Your Sales, Do What You Love: Mindful Selling for Entrepreneurs and Freelancers.

Why to attend?


1) To network and learn new skill;

2) To find out more about other businesses;

3) To learn Networking skills;

4) To relax and have a chat;

5) To learn as to what others are doing;

6) To build or to retain old connections.

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Later Event: April 6
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