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Business Model Design - transform your business in a day

Are you struggling to articulate a new business idea?

Are you tired of fluffy conversations about innovation?

Do you want to create a shared language for discussing new opportunities?

Then join our 1-day ‘Business Model Design’ workshop.

A business model is a simple visual description of a business or business idea. Instead of talking abstractly about new opportunities or writing unwieldy business plans, you will learn how to quickly map out an idea on a single sheet of paper.

After the workshop you will know how to:

+ Quickly identify and evaluate a range of possible models using ‘business model sketches’
+ Identify the customers and value propositions for a business idea using the Customer Value Map
+ Describe the ‘big picture’ for an idea using the Business Model Canvas
+ Identify the critical assumptions in a business model and devise ways of testing them
+ Talk to potential customers so that you can iterate and improve your business model

Come along, and transform your business in a day!

You will also receive free access to Inndie’s online ‘Designing A Business Model’ course, which includes 3.5 hours of video content in 60 bite-sized lessons.

Lunch and all refreshments will be included.

Chris Skilton is an experienced entrepreneur and a Director at the innovation consultancy Inndie. He has supported a wide range of organisations to design and reimagine their business models, including start-ups, corporates, universities and even the Church of England!